Epson TM-U220 Error Not Available

Epson TMU220

A few days ago, I developed a project for a building material store in Bandung. I used Epson TM-U220 as the main printer for cashier thats running in Windows XP. But I had a problem with this printer. When first time I turned on the printer it worked properly and the status was “Ready”, but when I operated it for a few minutes or hours it status would be “Not Available” and I must restart the printer to get it worked properly again. This problem happened very often.

I tried to search the solution in Mr. Google and I got some solution from there and also from cousing. I had do these for the printer:

  1. First, I tried to recheck the printer spooler and the printer setting, but it’s setting correctly.
  2. After that, I tried to reinstall the printer driver, but it’s still not work.
  3. Then, I brought the printer to Epson Service Center, I thought there’s an error with printer hardware. But Epson technician said that there wasn’t a problem with printer hardware.

I very confused with this problem and I almost gave up. But I remember what’s my cousin saying to reinstall the driver and check the printer cable. So, I changed the printer cable and the printer works properly until now.

I also found a person who have the same problem with me on Youtube. This is the embeded video:

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